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New This Year ~ Three Levels of Lyrical!

Advanced Lyrical -
This advanced level class will work on dance through expression and grounding. Students should have a minimum of 5 years of ballet training to participate in Advanced Lyrical. The class length is 60 minutes once per week.

Class Times:
Thursday: 7:00pm

Beginning Lyrical - Average Age 9-11
Thisclass is a great extension from Ballet and allows for movement exploration past the basic foundation of ballet dance. Lyrical will expand the dancer to feel and express their movements. This class is 60 minutes in length once per week.

Class Times:
Monday: 5:00

Intermediate Lyrical -
New Level this Year! Intermediate Lyrical will work on expressive movement, partnering and more! This class is a great add-on to your ballet class. Class meets once a week for 60 minutes.

Class Times:
Monday: 6:00pm