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Recital is Sunday, June 18, 2017 at Lakewood Civic Auditorium at 3:00pm


Dress Rehearsal - Saturday, June 17th:

1:00pm - Advanced students arrive for rehearsal

2:00pm - All students arrive and go to assigned dressing rooms

2:30pm - All students rehearsal Finale

3:00pm - Begin performance run through; students are released as soon as their number has been rehearsed. 

5:15pm - Rehearsal ends, additional time for seniors/advanced students if necessary.



Recital - Sunday, June 18th:

2:00pm - All students arrive and check-in with dressing room chaperone

2:30pm - Auditorium doors open for seating

3:00pm - Show begins

5:00pm - Show ends


Presale tickets can be purchased through June 15th in the office, and will be available at the door *cash or check only*


Each student’s hair should be secured in a high bun (even short hair!).  There should be no parts, bangs, or colored hair accessories other than those provided with your costume.   Hair should be pinned or slicked back away from the face and a hair net and bobby pins should be used to complete your bun.  Please use hair-colored bobby pins/clips to secure your hair accessories.

If you need advice on bun-making, please feel free to ask your student’s teacher!

Intermediate and Advanced level classes: Please wear a high sock bun.  


Stage Makeup:

Intro to Ballet, Ballet/Tap and Acro/Jazz Combo Classes: Please use as much makeup as you are comfortable with for with your child.  The lights of the stage make faces hard to see in the audience; make-up will help you see your child’s face.


Beginning and Intermediate Classes: Please apply black eyeliner, black mascara, and cover-up with pink blush.  Lipstick should be red.  Eye shadow should be tan on the eyelid, dark brown around the crease and white highlight by the eyebrow.


Advanced Classes – Full stage make as listed above, please wear fake black eyelashes.


Competition Team – Full stage make as listed above, please wear fake black eyelashes and your Comp Team lipstick.



Do not wear undergarments with your tights and costumes, just as you would not with a bathing suit. Additional lines and seams will show up on stage through your costumes.  If you need something to wear under your costume it should be skin-colored.  Advanced level students may wear nude camisole leotards.


Please Do Not:

Wear nail polish on fingers or toes.

Wear any type of jewelry including small earrings.  

Put on glitter, shimmer or rhinestones.



Please arrive to dress rehearsal and recital with your tights on and your make-up and hair done.  You will put your costume, accessories and shoes on once you arrive.  On picture day everyone should arrive with full hair and make-up done. If you are only in 1 photo please arrive in costume. If you are in more than 1 photo arrive in street clothes with your tights on and bring all costumes, additional tights, shoes, and accessories with you.